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Are You Ready to Grow Your Fitness Business?
HUGE Case Study Opportunity!
We’re on The Lookout for 8 Fitness Businesses Who Want to Grow Their Business Rapidly in 2018. Official Start Date: 22nd January 2018.
Are You Ready to Create a Successful Online Fitness Program?
We’re on The Lookout for 10 Fitness Professionals Who Want to Create a Successful Online Fitness Program in 2018. 
Do You Ever Struggle With The Tech Side of Things When It Comes to Creating Your Online Fitness Program? Well...
Give Me 1 Hour a Week for 12 Weeks and I’ll Show You How to Attract More Leads, Convert More Clients on Autopilot and Help You Create a Highly Successful Online Fitness Program in 90 Days… Oh and We’ll Build All of The Tech Stuff For You.
  • Need a new website? Done!
  • Want a way to attract leads and clients every day? Done!
  • Want someone to create your password protected online portal where your program lives? Done!
  • Design your social media and Facebook ads? Done!
  • Give you high converting email templates and setup your email automations to send while you sleep? Done!
  • Plus Heaps More...
Yep, We'll take care of the tech stuff!
No more overwhelm. No more wasted money, time or effort. Lots more results.
  • Setting an alarm clock and getting up at 5am in the morning!
  • Missing out on midweek dinners with friends and having a "normal social life" 
  • Dealing with expensive rent, cancellations & clients not showing up!
  • Not talking holidays in fear of losing clients or not have someone else to cover for you.
  • Worrying about balancing a family life and running a fitness business when you want to start or have a young family 
And you know (all too well) that feeling when…
  •  You have an incredible weekend, time in the sun hanging out with family and friends, and then all of a sudden you realise you have to be up at 4am the next morning and you just want to throw your alarm clock out the window!
  •   You've found the "perfect" holiday destination and you want to take some time away but you know that this will mean juggling your client load, possibly losing clients and so another 'holiday' opportunity passes you by
  •   Your friends invite you over for a midweek catch up (or worse - they stop inviting you!), but "after hours" when everyone else is finished for the day is when you have to be in the gym or working with clients... Want a Social life? Pffft forget it!
I know it feels like you're in between a rock and a hard place. You LOVE training your clients. You make a difference in their lives every single day, but when is enough, enough? What about the life you really want for yourself? 
You don't want to give up what you're passionate about and you want to keep changing lives...
but there has GOT to be a better way... and you know there's only one way to do it...
So that you can finally...
Be spontaneous and travel on a whim... remember that "perfect" holiday destination you found earlier... It's time to open up the freedom to travel, wherever and whenever YOU want.
Live your life by your rules, your schedule and stop having your life being dictated by clients availability or studio opening hours.
Reach more people than those in your local area. There's people on the other side of your city, country or the other side of the world that need your help... online is the platform that makes that all possible
Stop doing the crazy 5am early mornings and getting home after dark and finally have well earned sleep ins when you wake up after the sun does!
Make as much money as you want to, because when you're the boss the sky really Is the limit!
Spend quality time with those that matter most to you, your friends, your family and perhaps even your little ones.
There's just one slight problem...
As wonderful as it sounds to travel the world, work around your schedule, make more money and enjoy long weekends whenever you damn well feel like it ( and IT IS, I'm writing this to you while living in Malaysia, after spending the last six months in Thailand - Next stop Vietnam)... 

Getting an online business and online fitness program off the ground requires a learning curve, hustle, energy, sweat, tears and hard work.
I want to be real with you... Building an online business isn't always going to be easy. You may feel confused, overwhelmed and lonely along the way. 

If you've started creating your online program, this is something you might have experienced in the past?
Because you’re here, I’m sure you’ve tried a million and one things already to create an online fitness program?
Any of this sound familiar?
  • You’ve attended a conference, a webinar or “online workshop” that promised the world and completely under delivered.
  • You’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on training to learn what to do… but then they send you out into the big bad world on your own to put the million and one pieces together… the tech stuff gets too hard and makes you want to throw your computer out the window?
  • You’re told to build a website, create landing pages, post on social media, run Facebook ads, write blog posts and you’ve spent all weekend trying to put it all together but you make little to no progress and feel like you’re back at square one.
The point?
As ambitious, driven and hardworking as you are, your goal is to change people’s lives through health and fitness, not to become a tech or marketing expert. 

I know you’re probably tired of being on your own, making decisions by yourself, dealing with all of the tech bull5#!7 (there I said it!) and trying every different strategy on your own, but not being able to pull it off and make it all work seamlessly together.

We’ve Been There, We Get It, and We Help Clients Overcome the Tech 5#!7 and Create Successful Online Fitness Programs Every Single Day! 

Now, it's Your Turn...
Please Note: This Program Is Not ONLY About 
Getting More Clients and Making More Money
This is about a lot more than that... 
This program is designed to help you reach your full potential... 
To help you change more lives and have a bigger impact...

You know that moment when you get a text message from a client telling you they've hit a goal, they're now able to keep up with their kids and that you've completely changed their lives?

That's what this program is about. 

Allowing you to find more clients, change more lives, while also creating the life you truly want for yourself and for your family so you can work from anywhere in the world, around your own schedule.
Do you ever ask yourself? 
Do you know what the difference is? 
Why are some people able to run a thriving fitness business, work the hours they choose and have clients chasing them, while others are stuck doing everything themselves, trading time for money, doing early morning and late nights and always chasing new clients?
Why are some fitness businesses able to attract clients easily online and run successful marketing campaigns every single day, while others struggle with getting clients online, get stuck not understanding technology and not knowing how to really grow their business online?
Marketing. Automation. Systems. 

I know you don't want to give up what you're passionate about and you want to keep changing lives... 
But there HAS to be a better way...
This is the only training AND implementation program that meets you exactly where you are in your fitness business, empowers you by teaching you HOW to run a successful marketing campaign PLUS helps you to implement every piece of the puzzle so you can seriously grow your fitness business, fast – without worrying about all the tech $#!7 along the way! 

No more overwhelm. No more wasted money, time, or effort. Lots more results. 
Want a Sneak Peek Inside Your 
12-Week Program?
  •    WEEK 1
How to Find The People That Will Sign Up to Your ONLINE PROGRAM
  • How to find your perfect clients (and eliminate the people you don’t want to train)
  • The Secret to Learning Everything You Want to Know About Your Clients, How They Think, How to Get Them to Sign up and What They Truly Want .
  • How to Create a Super Clear Marketing Message That’s Going to Attract Exactly Who You Want to Train
  •    WEEK 2:
How Successful ONLINE Fitness Business Owners Separate Themselves in a Crowded Market
  • Learn The Secrets to Dominating Your Market
  • How to Become the Go-to Expert Online.
  • How to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors
  •    WEEK 3:
Coming Up With Your Killer Offer
  • How to Come Up With an Offer Your Clients Really Want
  • Positioning Your Offer to Stand Out From The Crowd
  •    WEEK 4:
How to Dominate on Social Media
  • Setting Up The Right Social Media Platforms For You .
  • How to Turn Followers and Fans Into Paying Clients.
  • The Most Important Strategy That Every Online Fitness Business Needs to Implement on Social Media (that most don’t!)
  •    WEEK 5 & 6 & 7:
Create Your Lead and Sales Machine
  • How to Create a High Performing Website That Generates Leads While You Sleep 
  • The Key to Generating and Converting Leads Through Powerful Landing Pages
  •    WEEK 8:
The Nerdy Tech Stuff
  • How to Optimize Your Website for More Leads!
  • The Trick to Getting More Exposure From Google and The Search Engines (Think SEO)
  • Tracking and Data – The Numbers That Give You Answers to Help You Scale and Grow
  •    WEEK 9 & 10:
How to Never Run Out of Leads & Clients
  • How to Grow Your List of Leads and Nurture Them on Autopilot
  • Creating a No-Brainer Lead Magnet 
  •    WEEK 11:
Get Laser Focused, Stop Asking “What Do I Do Next?” and Set Up A Marketing System That Gets You Clients on Autopilot 
  • How to Implement the Best Marketing Strategies for YOUR Online Program  
  • Systemizing Your Marketing Strategies.
  • How to Outsource and Hire Your First Virtual Assistant (For less than $5 an hour)
Oh and Don’t Forget The Best Part Is: We’re Going to Help You Build Everything.
We'll take care of all the tech stuff!
We created this 12 Week Program because we wanted to create a TON of value and help you implement every step of the way without the ridiculous price tag.
Because if you don’t take action to change your life and business, your life and business won’t change.
Are you ready to make 2018 your best year yet?
Within this 12-week program we are going to completely transform your online presence.
- We’re going to give you the lead generation funnels you need to attract people into your online program.
- We’re going to not only show you why and how to market your online program successfully, we’re going to help you build it. 
- Need a new website? We’re going to build it for you using the most powerful online platform Wordpress to do it.
- Want to start automating your marketing efforts? Have everything working while you sleep? We’re going to help you write the emails, give you swipe files you can steal and use straight away so your leads remain hot. 
- Want to create a password protected program where your clients can login to get access to your online program? We're going to build it!
- Need to generate leads into your business? Create a landing page to get people to sign up? Want to run a challenge? 
We’re going to build it for you. 
All of these high converting landing page and website designs were created by our design team, and now we want to create this for YOU!

When You Join the Program We’re Going to Work With You to Design Your Program (if you haven't created it yet), 
Work Out What You Need to Do in Order to Attract People into Your Online Program and 
Then We’re Going to Help You Do it By Building Out ALL of the Tech!
Want a sneak peak at what our case study program looks like? ;) Take a look below...
Do You Ever Wish You Had Someone to Take Care of All of The Tech Side of Things?  
Create your website? Done!
Create a way to attract leads every day? Done!
Design your lead magnets and Facebook ads? Done!
Create your password protected online portal where your program lives? Done!
Give you proven email templates you can copy and paste for your program? Done!
Setup all your email automation? Done!
I've got 10 places available for our next case study program, do you want to be our next successful case study? Click below now to apply!
Here's What Bride to Be Body Had to Say About Our Case Study Program...
"Before working with Jaimee I was trying to build my own online fitness program, but I was really struggling

I was newly married and was about to move interstate so I knew 
I wanted to work online and be able to work from anywhere in the world. 

I also wanted to start a family and I knew I wanted to be able to stay at home
and work the hours I wanted to do around my own schedule. 

I was following all the advice from “gurus” about what to do online and 
I thought I could do it all myself but none of it was working… 

After a year of going it alone, I literally hadn’t sold one person into my online program. 

At this stage I was really afraid of investing more time and wasting more money, but thankfully I came across Jaimee. 

Since working with Jaimee from The Fitness Entourage, everything has changed. 

She took care of all of the online strategy, design and tech side of things with almost no time from me! 

She helped me to setup my first campaign that brought in more leads and clients than I had ever had before. I am seeing a 61% sign up rate for my leads campaign and 35% conversion rate for my offer which is huge

The best part is, she has coached me and taught me so much about marketing, 
and how to run successful campaigns myself!

I’m now able to attract leads every single day (that cost me less than $1!)

I have new clients coming in and going through my online program and getting amazing results! 

PLUS my partner and I are now expecting our first Bub in October! 

I’m so excited to be building an online business I can run from wherever I want, whenever I want and I’ll now be able to spend more quality time with my hubby and Bub when he arrives! 

I can’t thank Jaimee and her team enough for helping me to make my dream a reality

I would highly recommend The Fitness Entourage to anyone who wants to have their own successful online fitness business, but are struggling with what to do (that will actually work!) and struggling with the tech side of things

I really can’t recommend them enough! Thank you Jaimee!"
Natalie Gabb, Founder of Bride to Be Body
Who’s on YOUR Team For This 12-Week Program
Jaimee Maree 
Your Fitness Marketing Expert For  Your 12-Week Program
Greg Merrilees 
Your Design Expert For Creating Your High Converting Online Platform 
"I’ve learnt so much from Jaimee in such a short period of time. Her knowledge is incredible and I could listen to her talk about marketing and business all day long. I definitely recommend The Fitness Entourage to anyone who is looking to expand their fitness business further than they dreamed possible!"
~ Ludi Wiggins, Four time Olympian, Olympic Medalist & Founder of LW Fitness
“Hands down the best experience I have ever had when it comes to web design and customer support that goes with it. Greg is a true professional, who got my vision from the very first draft and patiently took care of every detail for me. Thank you for letting me share my message through such a beautiful website!” 
~ Natalia Kern, Master Trainer and Nutrition Consultant, Published Author and Health and Wellness Ambassador
Working with Jaimee is simply a no-brainer – she’s the best online marketer and web designer I have come across. The traffic to my website and my business in general has quadrupled and I’m now charging ten times the amount for my services since working with Jaimee. By following her marketing advice it has allowed me to turn my passion and hobby into a profitable business.
~ Michael King, Health Coach
A SNEAK PEAK INTO WHAT OUR clients say to us...
Who is this training NOT for?
This program is for Elite Fitness Professionals and/or fitness business owners  who already know how to change the lives of their clients and have a record of getting clients results. 

This is for those who are deeply passionate about changing lives, and simply want to create an online program where they can grow, scale and attract MORE clients.

If you don't have any time, money or motivation to invest in growing your business then this program is not for you and please DO NOT apply. We are going to be implementing high level marketing tactics and positioning you as the "Go-to" trainer/expert and therefore you need to have the commitment and ability to invest time, money and resources to make it happen. 

If you're looking to make a quick buck or be an "overnight success" this program is not for you, so kindly, please do not apply. :)

 Now with that out of the way...  
Who is this training for?
* If you’re a fitness professional, and your current online program is failing to get the reach or growth in client numbers that you want.
* Or you’re a fitness professional who is struggling with creating your online program or knowing how to attract leads and client’s day in, day out, this case study opportunity is for you. 

If you want to break out of the trap of long hours, never having enough time or resources to grow and feel like you’re always trading time for money…
The goal of this program is simple: to equip you with a proven plan to help you quickly and easily understand what you need to do to create a highly successful online program. We’re going to give you the step-by-step roadmap to creating a successful online program AND marketing campaign, and then we’re going to help you build it.
 I know you want to see results (and revenue) in your online business. 

And if you’re ready to put in the work. I’m ready to help you finally have the online business you set out to create from the start. 
Hit the Apply Button Below Now!

Do you want to create a successful online fitness program in 2018?

Then Here’s What You Need to Do Next

1.  Apply Now by Clicking the Button Below

2. Answer a few simple questions to allow me to get to know you, your goals and the type of online program you want to create.

3. If your application is approved then we will schedule a phone interview with our team

4. If we think you would be a good fit for the program, you will be enrolled in the case study program and we will get started!

Do you want to create a successful online fitness program in 2018?

Then Here’s What You Need to Do Next

1.  Apply Now by Clicking the Button Below

2. Answer a few simple questions to allow me to get to know you, your goals and the type of online program you want to create.

3. If your application is approved then we will schedule a phone interview with our team

4. If we think you would be a good fit for the program, you will be enrolled in the case study program and we will get started!

2018 The Fitness Entourage. Please note: There is a financial investment required to join this coaching and implementation case study program. Please only apply if you are serious about creating a successful online fitness program and willing to invest time, money and resources to make your dream a reality.
All prices are in US Dollars and subject to GST for Australian customers. All Rights Reserved